Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

My privacy policy is simple and as follows:

There is already too much tracking and data collection on the web so in this blog site I am providing information for readers on the web for sharing my knowledge and opinions not for the purpose of capturing your data. I don't want to capture any personal data from you, please use the content I provide and interact with me on Twitter or LinkedIn if you wish to comment on any content on this site.

I don't record or capture any personal information on this website. I don't have Disqus comments enabled either, I took that off. You cannot sign up for a newsletter, I don't want to be capturing personal data for marketing, you can use Twitter or LinkedIn if you want to keep up with my blog, and please do.

I do use Cloudflare to front the web site, they do capture geo-location information but I cannot track this back to any person. I also use Google analytics but only keep data for the default retention period within Google analytics, and cannot identify you from the data.

Please use my contact page to get in touch if you have any queries.